Market Research

Situation: Client was considering making a large capital investment in facilities and equipment.  Before investing, client wanted to better understand market size and baseline their market share. In addition, client wanted to know where the market was heading in the future.

Solution: Grow MFG provided resources and experience to quickly assess the market opportunity.   Current market situation assessment included identifying and sizing market size and client’s market share.  Trend analysis provided direction on where the industry, regulations, and technology were heading.  As part of this project a custom template was developed to forecast future client sales.  Finally, a list of next steps and recommendations were provided to complement the sales forecast and drive share gain.

Results: “Grow MFG clarified the size of the market, identified competitors, and projected industry trends.  This information was critical in our decision to invest in the business.” Don Clouser – COO of Rawac Plating

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