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Before starting Grow MFG, Leland Smith worked for numerous manufacturers in sales, marketing, and product management roles.  He was regularly asked to support more initiatives than he had people on staff to support.  Hiring a full time employee was out of the question and part-time seasoned individuals could not be found.  He often wondered how he would be able to get everything done and wished he had access to an experienced, strategic thinker with strong project management skills.  This market need for seasoned resources to manage sales, marketing, and product management growth projects eventually led Leland to start Grow MFG in 2014.  Since its inception, Grow MFG has focused on helping its manufacturing clients grow by providing part-time senior level experience to address sales, marketing, and product management challenges.

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  • Leland Smith

    Leland Smith has over 20 years of experience increasing sales and profitability at Fortune 500, private equity funded and family…

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Each business is unique and consequently there are a multitude of different ways for your business to grow.  To make sure you have access to the right resources, Grow MFG works with a network of specialists to help you reach your goals.  These include: writers, graphic artists, web developers, market researchers, writers, social media experts, lead generation and inside sales.  If your team already has the right resources available, then we will work directly with them to achieve your growth objectives.
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