What We Do

Grow MFG helps manufacturers increase sales and profits by managing marketing, product management, and sales projects.  We project manage and develop growth strategies to:

⋅ Develop and launch new products

⋅ Add new customers

⋅ Enter new markets

⋅ Increase sales with existing customers

⋅ Strategically raise prices

⋅ Research markets

⋅ Develop 3 year growth plans

⋅ Relocate organizations, including inside sales, customer service, and marketing

⋅ Manage special projects

How We Do It

We start with a growth strategy and manage marketing, product management, and sales projects to achieve your growth objectives.


Grow MFG starts with a custom growth strategy based on your goals and the needs of your customers, company, and competitors and defines target objectives for growth

Project Management

Grow MFG works with you to define projects, schedule, and budget in order to meet growth objectives. We then relentlessly manage execution of project tasks to reach your growth objectives


As projects advance, we adjust, adapt, and overcome to drive growth. As objectives are achieved we work with you to develop next generation growth strategy to continue to advance growth at your company

What To Expect

Often our clients approach Grow MFG because they want to grow and they cannot add a full time strategic manager with strong product management, marketing, and sales experience. If you already know how you want to grow, typically we start with a small project such as managing the early stages of new product development,  market research, or implementing a price increase.  If you are not sure how to best grow your business, we typically begin with a quick "Growth Check Up" and then work with you to develop a growth strategy.
After performing these activities, our clients then evaluate our performance and usually increase our workload.  Most of our clients have been with us for 3 to 5 years and have involved us with multiple projects.  Our clients say they benefit from Grow MFG through increased sales and profits, reduced risk, and less headaches.
Our work is guaranteed.  If you are unhappy with the services provided by Grow MFG for any reason, you can deduct any amount that you deem as fair from the last monthly invoice (deduction not to exceed amount of last monthly invoice).
The risk is low.  The opportunity could be large.  Why not contact us to schedule a 30 minute call to learn more?

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