Product Development: Asking the Right Questions

Manufacturing companies are often looking for ways to develop new products and enhance existing ones. When this happens, they often start by asking themselves technical questions: How will it work? What materials will we use? Can we build it? How much will it cost? There are many good reasons for this. For one thing, most…
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Should You Be Exhibiting at Trade Shows?

Most sales and marketing teams carefully review their budgets each year and make changes if something isn’t working. But when it comes to trade shows, many teams seem to be operating on autopilot. If a company has attended the same show for many years, they might think they have no choice but to continue. It’s…
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Using a Selling Process to Grow Sales

In our last blog, we covered how to have productive meetings with your customers. Before that, we discussed the stages of the customer buying process. Understanding the buying process is just part of the activities needed to drive sales. Businesses should also have rigorous, documented selling processes that mirror the customer’s buying process. A clear selling process can help…
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How to Have More Productive Customer Conversations

In our last post, we introduced the four stages of the customer buying process: awareness, interest, evaluation, and conversion. We also explained that customers don’t typically move through the buying process by themselves. On the contrary, they have to be carefully “nurtured” from one stage to the next. But how can businesses actually do this?…
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