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Using a Selling Process to Grow Sales

In our last blog, we covered how to have productive meetings with your customers. Before that, we discussed the stages of the customer buying process. Understanding the buying process is just part of the activities needed to drive sales. Businesses should also have rigorous, documented selling processes that mirror the customer’s buying process. A clear selling process can help…
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How to Have More Productive Customer Conversations

In our last post, we introduced the four stages of the customer buying process: awareness, interest, evaluation, and conversion. We also explained that customers don’t typically move through the buying process by themselves. On the contrary, they have to be carefully “nurtured” from one stage to the next. But how can businesses actually do this?…
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Using The Right Tools To Select Customers

Last entry, we introduced the “3C Needs Map.” This chart helps you compare what you offer to what competitors offer and what customers want. The areas where the circles overlap reveal where your business’ “sweet spot” lies—and where, on the flip side, your competitors win out. The center of the chart shows the “table stakes,”…
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