New Markets

Situation: Client had an idea for a new business but was not sure of its potential.  Customer needs, competitors and service offering were not clearly defined.  Industry trends and drivers were not fully understood.  Due to limited staff, the concept had been unexplored on the client’s backburner.

Solution: Grow MFG provided the additional resources and marketing experience needed to quickly lead a market assessment to evaluate the client’s concept.   Market assessment included documenting customer needs, identifying competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, forecasting industry trends, and recommending services the client should provide.  Based on the analysis, Grow MFG developed a company tagline and presentation to introduce the new services to customers.  In addition, a list of next steps and 12 recommendations were provided.

Results: “Grow MFG was able to quickly assess the market and put together a plan of action.  The work was thorough and impressive and the tagline was spot on.  With the recommended future actions, this business concept was able to move from the backburner to market.”  Warren Davidson – CEO of Integral Manufacturing

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