New Services

Situation: Client wanted to launch a new platform that would provide a service offering from multiple business units under one common brand.  This was challenging as client operates around the world in a highly decentralized organization where each business unit worked independently and often had different processes.

Solution: In order to successfully develop and launch the new offering, Grow MFG provided expertise to quickly execute in a product management leadership role.  Product management activities included:

·  Clarifying product concept and performing competitive as well as financial analysis

·  Leading cross-functional product development activities with sales, marketing, purchasing, finance and technical personnel from beginning to full launch

·  Launching product including working with marketing to develop external communications and conducting internal sales and customer service training

Results: “Grow MFG led product development activities to successfully develop and launch 26 new products from 6 business units in less than a year.  Grow MFG was easy to work with and never missed a deadline.  I knew when they had an assignment, it would be taken care of.” Bill Smithers, Product Management and Marketing at Manitowoc Foodservice

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