New Products

Situation: Client had an idea for a new product to revolutionize target market.  Client did not have engineering, manufacturing, or product management expertise on staff to develop product.

Solution: Grow MFG provided product management expertise to develop new product working with client, outside R&D, and outside manufacturers.  As part of project, Grow MFG:

· conducted market research to define market specifications and worked with outside engineering team to convert to product specifications

· led development of business plan that was used to apply for and successfully win $1,000,000 grant for R&D

· coordinated with client to identify and add engineering, manufacturing, and management resources

· managed project using traditional and agile project management techniques to develop initial prototypes

· smoothly transitioned project to client’s business unit leader and project manager at appropriate stage of product development

Results: “Grow MFG worked with us to take an idea and through initial prototype.  Along the way they developed a network of resources outside our organization to win a $1 million grant, clearly define the product spec based on customer needs, and work with R&D to identify and overcome technical hurdles.  Grow MFG provided excellent support at a crucial time to kickstart development of this product.” Scott Avera, Senior Vice President

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